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Accurate and thoughtful branding is an essential part of good marketing and business-product representation to your targeted customer. Before any initial sketches, you should try thinking about your business as if it were a person: who is it? What is he or her is doing? For what purpose? And so on. These questions at the first stage actually help develop an idea for correct representation, like if you are bold and serious company – a cartoonish or childlike logo won’t suit you perfectly as it could do another concept that has more seriousness to it. So, in order to create a perfect CI, we have developed the next workflow.

1. Design business model

Think through your product in each detail. What would be your strongest side? What can you offer that your competitors can’t? That’s where the whole concept begins and is what you need always to figure out first before going deeper.

2. Design logo

When you have your business model ready to be launched in reality, only now you can just sit for a moment and think about some ideas for the most representative part of your corporate brand identity package – a logo. Don’t hesitate to hire a designer or even if you are one yourself, ask for ideas, versions and make as many revisions as needed until you know you have finally the one variant that is just ideal.

3. Design portfolio

This tip goes not only for people with artistic professions but for every small or developing business. Portfolio can be a simple price list, but it should exist for starters. When you can’t wrap up your product with a nice wrapper, you won’t sell as much as you expected. Love your product and take care of it, if you feel good about how it looks, then other, and most importantly your customers definitely will notice it too.

4. Design the selling method

There are lots of useful books on marketing, sales and effective methods for promoting your brand. You can follow either tips and still come out on top if you use the information you received wisely for your specific product and always mix it up until you have your working and selling approach. When you have your vision for the company and approach you’re going with – the corporate culture of the company builds up itself. Final thoughts: Always remember to take care of your brand, and in the end it will take even greater care after you. Just give it your heart, thought, time and money, and you get your ideal and successful business story scenario.