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How often do you serf Internet today? Is this a day-to-day habit for you? If the previous two questions sound like a complete ridicule or nonsense to you right now, then you are right – it is, and so is thinking that experience and design are not important to your digital business presence.

When creating your virtual brand identity you must think through all the possible versions of creating both user-friendly and user-appealing presence, whether it is a simple e-commerce website or an app etc.  Traditionally, of course, the user experience has been bonded to website design for the major part. However, the UX is actually anything that allows your customer to interact directly with your brand, before they’ve made their first purchase, and are just looking around  and checking out what you have to offer and which stands out in comparison to other similar companies.

Thus, the whole experience is being created through not only on-page experience, but the ads you display on the web, as well as the functionality of the e-mails you’re sending out, even these new merch t-shirts or notepads you gifted to your most loyal clients.

If there are more customers sticking with your brand, they are more likely to become really strong advocates, and thus to generate new leads and increase the revenue of your business. It is a known and well-tested fact that the best type of customers to have are these advocates. There are many ways to drive advocacy with good and thoughtful UX, but social engagement and referrals are the most important as well, most effective ones.

All-in-all, when thinking about creating your online presence you must ask just 3 main questions such as follows:

  • Are you cultivating your clients with the user-friendly online experience?
  • Are you working on solving the right problem to ease your client’s experience?
  • Does your design present a solution to the problem in the best possible way?

By constant testing of your designs, and sticking to usability laws you can expect, predict, and achieve greater loyalty for your clients, and therefore much more sales which is more income.  This may sound very simple, or one might think, even naïve, but you’ll find it alarming how often the classic laws of UX are being ignored in the field of digital design. But testing your designs is crucial despite the fact that it might take a while or some well-invested effort . The laws are there so you can stick to them. Even though you may think rules are there to be broken, you should give them a good thought before doing that.

To sum up, the user experience should really get along with your design. It is now a time for you to get familiar with the world of UX, so you can create a nice and functional online presence right from the start. The more you mesh together the UX-strategies and thoughtful design, the better overall experience your customer will have.