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Here’s a story I’d like to tell you - a true one, that happened in the same studio where I happen to work. The story goes like this…

«A client came to us named N. (let’s keep the actual name a secret). Immediately she informed us that something had gone wrong with a website of hers, which was done by some lone developer.


We: What? A fully-functional, decent website done by a single person?

Client: Yeah… Why not? The design, the code, the content - he did it all by himself!

We: And… Does it work alright?

Client: Well, not really. The damn thing doesn’t want to work!

We: And what did you expect when you were ordering the website from him?

Client: Well, I just said I needed a website and told me he could do it.»

Curtain falls…


There is, however, a bright side to this - when you’re ordering a website from a lone, jack-of-all-trades developer, it’s cheap. But that’s not really a con if you look at in the perspective - sooner or later, the flaws will show and you’ll pay twice as more to rectify them. That is if you’re lucky to find a studio that will agree to help you as well-known, respectable studios don’t usually sort out somebody else’s mess.

The reason we’re talking about this is that the issue, although an old one, still persists to this day. During the 8 years of us as a studio, we’ve met quite a few such clients: angry, disappointed, and somewhat disillusioned about the whole web development thing.