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At the end of January, an interesting project started among our designers called: 100 days of vector. The purpose of this competition is not so much a victory, although its role certainly also can not be underestimated, how much more development of professional skills and the formation of the habit of daily work on themselves and their qualities as a designer. The essence of the contest is to determine the range of interesting topics, the designer visualized the elements that relate to this topic, in vector illustrations.

As you can see in the image above it is a selection of works of our designer for the first three working weeks. Themes are simple enough and concern everyday life: food, as you noticed our designers like to have a bite of sweeties, sneakers, as the modern rhythm of the designer's life is very dynamic and the machines that also help to be flexible in any life circumstances.

The idea of the contest arose long ago on the basis of different creative studios and we decided to join this trend, as the results of the participation are really delicious: this is noted not only by the designers but also by the project managers who oversee their work.

The main requirement: this constancy. The daily work of the designer is important in order to develop and form the quality of skills. The designer is essentially an artist, but in a computerized version and with every new work his skill becomes more refined and professional.

Among the difficulties in participating in this contest, the team members noted the lack of time, of imagination in order to choose a topic or themes for creating illustrations, but the presence of an exchange of views and competitive conditions spur on further accomplishments.

The contest lasts only three weeks, which means that our designers will present many interesting works ahead. Follow our updates and make your suggestions about possible topics or stories that you would like to see in the vector.